Thursday, March 10, 2011

Accident Report

Macdonald Accident Blogger:
The accident took place Monday, March 7, 2011 at approximately 5:25pm. The scene of the accident was the road in front of the Grubbs house. Conflicting reports coming in tell us that no one or nothing was in the road. One witness, the boys older brother Jacob, who was trying to get the victim to come home for dinner, reported that he was riding his bike eastbound on Lakeview when out of no where his bike stopped and the victim's face hit the asphalt. No other witnesses came forward. However, a good Samaritan, Sis. Grubbs, helped once the accident had occurred. She quickly retrieved wet paper towels and sent the crying child home to get patched up. Pictures show the damage from the accident. (Pictures were taken the next afternoon) Luckily it looks as though his nose did not get broken. His upper lip had been swollen the night before, but as a 5 year old that moves at lightning speed, he is healing at a rapid rate. The victim has been advised to avoid any more accidents in that area. However, he was spotted the next day riding the same bike in the same area.
I guess some kids just never learn!

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