Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Jared!

Happy Birthday to my youngest boy, Jared!
Jared was born on July 15th, 2007. He came as a big surprise. We had a c-section scheduled for the next week, but he was on his own time schedule. My water broke around 4:30am. We called Grandma & Papa to come over and watch the other sleeping boys so we could go to the hospital. In the past my labor would not start without the help of medication. With Jared it was a different situation. My labor started within the next 30 mins. Waiting for my parents to arrive was torture! We rushed to the hospital around 5:30am, with me screaming for Joe to drive as fast as he could. We had to travel all the way to Country Club and Brown to the Banner Mesa Medical Center, it has since been closed down. This is the same hospital that all our boys were born in, along with myself when it was called Mesa Lutheran Hospital. Once I reached the OB department, I had 4 nurses working on me. 1 took my history, 1 put in my iv, 1 prepped me for surgery, while the last 1 administered medication to stop my very strong contractions. Once I was in the operating room they gave me my spinal tap and I couldn't believe it when it didn't take. The nurse began prepping my belly and I would gasp at the coldness every time she touched me. She finally stopped and said, "She shouldn't be feeling this." I said, "I know, I can still move my feet." And began wiggling my feet. Everyone freaked out and started screaming because my spinal tap had not taken. A 2nd spinal was administered and this one took with no problem. They then proceeded to get Jared out. It was quite the experience. He was perfect in every way.
Here are a few fun pictures of my baby boy.
All the Macdonald boys celebrating the birth of the youngest brother. Baby Jared and Daddy.
Grandma Phyllis, Grandma Janell & Papa Hastings
Jared enjoying the leftover cake batter/bowl after making his birthday cake this morning. That boy loves chocolate!
Happy 3rd Birthday Jared! We love you.

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