Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jacob Turns 12...

On Monday, October 10th Jacob turned 12. To celebrate we took a trip to the Phoenix Zoo, just me and the boys. It was beautiful weather most of the valley figured out. The Zoo was packed. But we still had a great time walking around and seeing all the animals. The boys did great, they walked the entire time. They even took turns pulling the wagon that carried 2 coolers of food and drinks.

Monday was not only Jacob's birthday, but also the 1st day of our October Break. Luckily it was also a day off for me. It was a fun way to celebrate the Break and Jacob's birthday. Later that night we went to Red Robin for Jacob's Birthday treat. We ended the night with family home evening and presents. Joe got Jacob a new airsoft rifle and pistol, a camping pillow, camping storage bag, water bottle and large army duffle bag. It was a special day for Jacob.

Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip.

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