Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, Monday

Good start to the week. Everyone is in school where they belong and I haven't gotten any phone calls to come get anyone. Maybe this cold is really starting to pass. It has totally made the rounds here in the Macdonald home. It started with Jacob and then spread quickly to Tyler. Just as Jacob started to feel better, I started to feel the affects. Tyler seemed to get progressively worse each day, but that seems to be how it always affects Tyler. I got over it rather quickly and was hoping it would stop there, but no. Joe started feeling it Thursday night and by Friday and Saturday he was down. I really hoped Aaron and Jared would skip it all together, but no one is that lucky. The good thing is that Aaron and Jared have a mild cold and are coping nicely with it. It is barely affecting them at all. So we made it through and although we are still sniffling and coughing a bit, it is tolerable. Needless to say we are off to a great September start. Let's hope this isn't just a taste of what the flu season will be like. I am pumping the boys with chewable vitamins every morning and loading up on hand sanitizer just in case!

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