Monday, August 24, 2009

Out with the Old...In with the New...

So it was an interesting Sunday night at the Macdonald home. Our kitchen light decided it was on its last leg and died. Leaving us in a very dark, yet small kitchen. The solution was to run to Home Depot and get a replacement. Now this is a strange request from my husband and I'll tell you why. Joe does not like electricity! He doesn't mess with it. I usually do that. Well, he said lets get it done. We won't have time this week to do it. So off to HD we went. Found a new light...cut the power to almost everything in the house (trying to find the right switch is a fun game to play on your children...they don't like it when the tv goes out!)...then we started the installation process. Needless to say we have new light! When we finally got the old one down and took it apart, we found it was oooozing some black goo. Maybe that's why it wasn't working. So I'm attaching pictures of the old light, with the goo, and the new light installed on the ceiling. Hooray for us!
On a second note...Jacob caught somthing nasty from school. At least I assume he got it from school because no one was sick here until he went back to school and now he is coughing up a storm. Needless to say, I thought we had contained it just to Jacob. Ha! Oh how I wish that were true! Tyler woke me up at 4:30AM!!! to let me know that Jacob was coughing and he didn't feel good either. I now have 2 coughing boys home from school, doing breathing treatments and downing cough medicine! That means I am stuck in this house with all 4 boys! Let's hope everyone takes a nap today.

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