Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a day! And its barely lunch time!!!

I thought today was going to be this totally awesome great day....Jacob and Tyler were feeling a little better. Jacob had decided to go to school. Tyler was going to take another day. Preschool was prepped and ready. All was well. Ha! 2o minutes into preschool, I get the call from the school nurse. Jacob doesn't feel well, is in the nurses office and has a slight fever. Did I say slight? Cause meant slight! She said it 99.9. That is not a fever in my house! So thanks to a few friends/moms in preschool, I ran to the school and picked him up. This threw my whole day off, or at least it feels that way. I now have 4 boys eating lunch and goofing around like they usually do. Jacob has perked up nicely and only fakes a cough whenever I ask how he is feeling. Oh the motherhood days that wear me out! I was hoping for a nap today too. Oh well. There will be other days. Good thing Bunko is tonight and I can go let off a little steam.

Thanks out to Charlotte for a great workout last night and this morning. My arms are killing me! And my hips have not yet recovered from kickboxing. No pain, no gain...right?

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