Monday, November 9, 2009

A Warning to all Cats!!

So today started off as any normal Monday. All my boys were up and going by 7am. Breakfast and getting ready for school went normal. I got all my preschool stuff together for tomorrow's class. I realized I needed to run to the grocery store for milk and strawberries, we are tasting strawberries tomorrow. I got Aaron and Jared ready and headed to the car. So far...totally normal.

Then the trouble began! I turned on the car, and by car I mean my 2002 Ford Expedition. When I put it in gear there was a loud clunking sound and the a screaching/squeaking sound started. I thought I had hit something, maybe backed over a toy or something so I got out to check under the car. All I saw was puffs of what looked like cat hair coming from under the engine. That started to freak me out so I turned the car back on, and more sceaching sounds, to pull it back into the driveway. I immediately called the mechanic and then AAA to come tow my vehicle in to the shop.

I got a call around 1 from my mechanic trying to ease into the conversation. Now you have to understand I wasn't sure there was a cat in my engine, I just saw fur. Well, he confirmed it! Somehow a cat had climbed into the belt and pulley system and what was left of him was not pretty. It was quite a mess according to the mechanic. We had a good laugh about it and I told him to get rid of it.

So a normal Monday completely changed to Wacky with one cat. Or at least pieces of one cat.

Tonight Tyler and I renamed my car...The Cat Killer! And when we got home with it tonight the boys set off with flashlights chasing cats in the neighborhood! Watch out cats, you are not safe in my neighborhood!!

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