Saturday, November 28, 2009

Model Airplane Show

On Saturday, November 21st my parents invited me and the boys to go to a model airplane show with them. We drove out to the desert on the border of Mesa and Apache Junction to a little airfield where they had tons of really cool airplanes flying around. At noon, all the airplanes were lined up and we were allowed to walk around and look at them up close. It was a really fun day. Apparantly they do this every year at the same time. We are planning to attend next year too.The airplanes look real when in the sky, and some of them even sounded like real jets. They cost thousands of dollars! A few of them were for sale, so we got to see just how expensive they were. One airplane crashed and burned right in front of where we were sitting. Unfortunately, Jacob and I were off at the car getting the cooler with our lunches in we missed it. But Aaron said it was really cool.
There were lots of people there. It was hard to see all the airplanes, but we did our best.

These are some of the smaller planes.

This is the one Jared kicked as he was walking around. I was mortified and quickly moved him away from the very expensive airplanes.

This is when they were setting up all the airplanes for us to look at. It gives a better idea of how large they are.

There was a very friendly dog sitting next to where we were. My boys could not leave it alone, of course. But the owners were very patient with letting my boys pet their dog. And the dog didn't seem to mind the attention.

Getting ready to take off.

Jacob, Tyler and Aaron sat at the top of a dirt pile right behind where we were. They piled rocks and watched the airplanes. Great fun for boys!

Jared couldn't get up the hill without help, but he was happy just being out with his brothers.

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