Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Grandma showing the boys how to make the cookie turkeys.Aaron gives it a try.
Tyler loved making turkeys. I think he made about 5 of them.
Jared the turkey stealer. He thought they tasted really good.
Our 2009 Family Photo

Jared out playing football.
Tyler, Joe, Jared & Jacob playing catch.
Grandpa was out taking pictures of all the fun.
My brother Galen and his friend Julia and her son Sheldon. Sheldon was a good sport playing with my boys.
After roasting marshmallows/s'mores.
So I decided since it's officially December, I better get my Thanksgiving pictures and post up before I get too involved in Christmas stuff and never get around to it. This year for Thanksgiving we went to Grandma & Papa Hastings' cabin. Joe took Wednesday off work and we took the kids out of school and left Wednesday morning. It was cold in the mountains, or atleast Arizona cold. It was in the 50's when we got there. Just crisp enough for a jacket.

My parents came up later that afternoon. I made taco soup in the crock pot and had it hot and waiting. The highlight of our first night was my foster sister Charlotte stopped by the cabin on her way from New Mexico to Phoenix. She had with her her brother, Robert, and her 2 kids as well as another teenage boy (I think a cousin). They finished off the taco soup and I don't know how many cheese crisps. It was nice to see her and have her meet all my boys. The last time Joe & I saw Charlotte was a about 4 years ago on our way home from Colorado.

On Thursday, Galen came down from Snowflake with his friend Julia and her son Sheldon. Grandmas Hastings got the boys involved making cookie turkeys while our turkey dinner cooked. They had a blast making these fun treats. Jared loved eating them as fast as he could. We had to hide the completed turkeys because we kept finding them with bites taken out of the cookies. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast and then played catch with the football with the boys. In all it was a relaxing and fun Thanksgiving. Just a small affair, which was a nice change. All my other brother and sisters were with their in-laws this year, hence the small affair.

On Friday we did as much lounging and relaxing as is possible with 4 energy filled boys. We roasted marshmallows that night in the fireplace and made s'mores. Yum!
We are so grateful we were able to go to the cabin this year for Thanksgiving. It was a quick yet fun vacation. Hopefully and tradition to continue throughout the years.

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