Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today it's MY Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!! Happy Birthday to MEeeeee!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!!
After church Joe got all the boys together and presented me with my Birthday presents. He got me some new workout clothes, lotions from Bath & Body Works and the best present ever!!! My very own Mother's ring. It has all the birthstones of my 4 boys. Isn't it beautiful! I Love It!! I have been wanting one for quite a while and Joe did a wonderful job picking it out. Yes, I gave him a brochure with my favorite picked out and he did a marvelous job of finding me that ring. My poor boys have pinks and reds for birthstones, which didn't make them very happy. It goes in order in case you are wondering. Jacob is the pink, Tyler the ruby, Aaron the emerald and Jared the garnet. All my boys! Did I say I love it? Well, I do.
So....1 more time...Happy Birthday Dear Sherri! Happy Birthday to Me!

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