Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Today we built and decorated gingerbread houses. We are not the best builders, but we made a good attempt. The best part about this...I bought 2 kits so Jacob and Tyler worked on 1 while Aaron worked on his own. Therefore, no fighting over who gets to put what where.
Aaron could not wait to decorate his house. Hence the sliding decorations and needed props to hold the roof on.The house that Aaron built. Not bad for a a 4 year old. He was happy, so I was happy. He did it all by himself.
Jacob and Tyler worked on their own house. Not bad!
Aaron could not wait to eat his gingerbread man.
Tyler got a little green while applying the green roof.
So I wanted a good picture of the boys with their houses.
Here is attempt # 1.
I don't know how Tyler does it, but he always has a few weird faces.

Attempt #2: Again with Tyler

Attempt #3:
We have a winner.
Dad came in and made faces at the boys to get them to relax.
Such a great looking group of boys. And really cool houses.
2 more days to keep them entertained. Wish me luck.

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