Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Birthday Hoopla

Aaron has spent the day asking me when I am going to call my friends to invite them over for my birthday party. Well, my parents are all that got invited and they are the ones that actually called and asked to come by. My Mom baked me a chocolate cake and thanks to the candles my children gave me as a present earlier today, we sang and blew out candles. Here are a few pictures from my "party". Although before my parents got to our house Aaron informed me that we needed a pinata or it's not really a party. Maybe next year?! Yes, you read those numbers right. I will admit that I turned 37 today...EEEEeeek! Where does time go?

These are the birthday decorations that Aaron demanded Dad put up for my party.
And of course, my roses. Joe gets me red roses for my birthday...and any other day he feels I need roses. This year he came home with 24 of them. Talk about spoiling me. I have a great husband.

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