Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day of Rest...Yeah Right!?!

Today started as any typical Sunday goes. Everyone got up. Got breakfast and started getting ready for church. We even got out the door on time so we could go set up Primary before Sacrament Meeting. Oh how short lived that plan was today.
As I was going to put my bags down in the Chapel to save our rows, Joe had the boys in the Primary room helping set up chairs. Jared took it upon himself to run full speed into the big heavy wooden door. Bang! and we have instant goose egg in the middle of his forehead. So we packed everyone back into the car and headed for the nearest Urgent Care to make sure he didn't have a concussion.
The first Urgent care wasn't open (Phx Children's Urgent Care on Higley doesn't open until 12 on Sundays, in case you are ever in the need). So we headed across the freeway and past the Gateway Hospital to another Urgent Care. 30 mins later we were headed back home. No concussion, just an amazing bump, swelling and bruising. Joe stayed home with him for the rest of Church just to be safe and I took the boys back for Primary. By the way, the red cut is from an earlier bump into the garage door. I think he is going to be the kid who hits his head on everything. Maybe we need to invest in a helmet?
This is what he looked like when we got home from the Urgent Care.

I don't know why he thinks he has to stick out his tongue for every picture lately.
He sure has some beautiful blue eyes...and a nice blue goose egg to go with it! This is what it looked like 2 hours later, after church.

And a side view to see the nice bump.

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