Thursday, December 10, 2009

We are on a roll!

Jared is doing great sleeping in the big boy bed. He goes down easily and has been staying in bed, even when I leave him before he is asleep. I have still been lying down with him for his nap, but partially that is so I get a quick snooze. And I stay in at night for a few minutes, but as soon as Aaron drifts off...which takes less than 10 mins...I'm out of there. Last night Jared sat up when I got up. I told him, "Stay in bed and go to sleep like a big boy." Kissed him and closed the door down. I checked on him about 20 mins later and he was sound asleep. So, we have officially passed this milestone. Now if only he would take an interest in potty training! Goal set for Summer 2010 potty mastery! Wish us luck.

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