Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

We attended our Hawes Ward Breakfast with Santa Party this past Saturday. It was a really great turnout. They had cinnamon rolls and egg casseroles for breakfast. Afterwards we went around to 4 different rooms. There was Santa's Workshop, Pictures with Santa, The Nativity & a Service room. Here are a few pictures we took. Jared really enjoyed the cinnamon rolls...he ate mine too.
We went to the Santa's workshop first. Here the boys made reindeer pencil toppers.
I don't know what is with Jared and his tongue, but he loves to pose this way lately.
Next was the Nativity room. Tyler was the only brave one to dress up. So I dressed up with him. He makes a pretty cute shepherd.
Thanks to Doug Beebe, I was some kind of green shiny wise person...I guess. It was all in fun.
Then Doug added the crown. And he told me it looked good. See if I ever trust Doug Beebe again!
This is Jared and Aimee Asay, friends in the ward. They are wearing their prized white elephant gifts...t-shirts with pictures of Kea & Nikki Enos' prom picture from 1995.
This is Jessica and her sister Dani. Jessica is our favorite babysitter.
We did stop to see Santa, but didn't get a picture on our camera. I'm hoping they will be posted on the Ward website and I can tranfer one here later. Tyler was the only one who went up to Santa. Jared and Aaron said no way and Jacob has decided he is too big to sit on Santa's lap. We did drag them up for the family photo with Santa and I can't wait to see their expressions. Of course on the way home, Aaron decided he was ready to see Santa and asked to go back for another try. We told him Santa already saw him and knows what he wants for Christmas. So he will just have to wait till next year to sit on Santa's lap. Hard knocks life...lesson learned.

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