Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mission Impossible

So tonight I was on a mission. Que the music... I was in search of an unwanted Christmas tree. I needed one for a project I am working on, not the whole tree just the trunk. And I figured the best and cheapest way to get a tree trunk was to wait until after Christmas and get one of the left over/unwanted Christmas trees, FREE. I even made my husband assist me in this quest.

See, we don't have a real Christmas tree. Not because we don't like them. Not because of the additional cost. But because Christmas trees set off Tyler's allergies. Therefore, we have a prelighted tree that doesn't cause anyone to get sick.

We started at the Home Depot, we were there already for some other things so I asked around about the old trees. Ahh, but we were too late. They had already recycled them. So on to the corner lot in front of Safeway. Darn if the gate wasn't locked. So I got the bright idea to go to the recycle center for our neighborhood...also know as the police substation. Bingo! Trees! No locks on the gate!! If only that police car wasn't there. But don't you worry, I just waited and pretended to read the information on the signs until he left. I found a perfect tree, in the back corner of course. After much pulling and pushing I was able to free the tree, and it was a big one.

So we put it in the back of the truck and brought it home...cut off the bottom 3 feet...trimmed all the branches from the trunk...loaded up the unused portions of tree...and took that all back to the recyle substation. Mission Complete!! You will have to wait until a future post to learn what I'm making. I can't tell's a suprise!

Just know that my ever supportive husband kept singing, "Bad boys, Bad boys, whata gonna do...." He also kept telling Aaron and Jared in the back seat to say goodbye to mommy, cause "she's gonna get arrested for stealing a Christmas tree!" I'll have you know I returned most of that tree right back to where I got it from. No harm, No foul!

P.S. I think I too am allergic to Christmas trees. After climbing through the pile to get the one I wanted, my nose started running and I started sneezing and now my hands are red and itchy where I handled them! The things I will do for a Free tree trunk.

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