Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Cookies

Every Christmas Eve we make and decorate cookies. This serves 2 purposes.
1 - Keep the boys busy making a fun dessert that they love
And 2 - Cookies for Santa!
The big debate is which cookies to leave out for Santa. Usually we leave 2 cookies, however, this year Aaron thinks his cookies should be left while older brothers have a different plan in mind. Either way Santa will have delicious cookies left for his visit. I hope he comes soon!
Just getting started decorating... Jacob loves decorating cookies.

Tyler likes it too, even though the picture says differently!

Aaron just kept asking for more frosting. MMmmmm, those are going to be some yummy cookies!
Once Jared figured out what to do, there was no stopping him. He wanted every sprinkle and every color frosting.

I even got in on the cookie decorating.

These are Aaron's final product. Don't they look sooo good?

Here's what we have left. There is nothing like Christmas cookies.
Merry Christmas!

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