Sunday, January 3, 2010

A 4 year old's sense of humor

Tonight, while we were enjoying our typical Sunday night Mom doesn't want to cook dinner of cereal and eggo waffles, Aaron was enjoying a round of teasing. I'd have to say this was not typical 4 year old teasing. He was on his game tonight. He loves to call his older brothers and Dad "Baby". This gets quite a rise out of Tyler & Jacob. So Jared, Aaron, Tyler, Joe and I were sitting at the dinner table when Aaron decided it was time to tease.

Here's how the conversation went...

Aaron: "Hey Jared, Tyler is a baby."
Tyler: "Aaron, stop calling me a baby!"
Aaron: "I'm not talking to you Tyler. I'm talking to Jared. Hey Jared, Tyler is a baby."
Tyler: "Dad, can I thump Aaron for calling me a baby?"
Aaron: "Tyler I wasn't talking to you so you can't thump me."

This went on for quite a while. It didn't help that Joe and I were quietly laughing behind the newspaper. Aaron has an ability to find the loopholes. I don't know how he figured it out, but he did a pretty good job of arguing his point to Tyler that he was not talking to him. He was merely having a conversation with Jared. The best part was that everytime Aaron said baby, Jared said baby. I think Tyler's head was going to explode.

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