Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Tyler!!

Happy Birthday Tyler!
For those who are wondering...Tyler will be baptised on Saturday, February 13th at 9:30am at our Stake Center. We are so proud of him for making the choice to be baptised.

I can hardly believe my cute little Tyler is 8 today. He is so excited about started Cub Scouts, on his birthday no less! Tyler has always been a good boy. He was an easy baby, content to just be with everyone. He is our cuddley boy. Whether you need a hug or not, Tyler will give you one. He is a smart boy and is developing into a responsible young man. Thank you Tyler for being a good example for your brothers. We love you, cuddle bear!

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  1. Him and Jared look very similar as babies. I like the picture of him inside the tipped over car that made me laugh!