Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

On Wed., Jan 6th we had a great Pack Meeting for Cub Scouts. We planned a game night. This year we went all out because technically it was our last Pack Meeting for the Macdonald Family. I have been released as the Cub Committee Chair and Joe will be released soon as the Cubmaster. So we went crazy for games this year. We created and built a 3-hole mini golf, ring toss, cub hole toss, football/hulahoop throw, and 2 beanbag tosses. Needless to say it was a lot of work, but totally worth it. I only have pictures of the mini golf and ring toss as we were building them. Of course, I forgot my camera that night. Oh well. Thanks to the Colburn's for coming early to help us set up and screw everything together. It made for a great Pack Meeting and all around fun night.This hole has a ramp in the middle of it. We recycled the wheelchair ramp we made for our crossover bridge.
Here is start to finish of the ramp course.
This one doesn't look too difficult but don't let if fool you. The board with the black grid on it is bowed/warped. We put the hole right in the middle and then added barriers down the ramps.
This is before we added the barriers.
The 3rd course had some narrow rows. After we added barriers it was quite the course.

These are our ring toss. I forgot to get a picture of the rings we made out of rope.
In all a pretty cool Pack Meeting.

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