Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 down...1 to go!

I registered Aaron for Kindergarten today. No tears, much gladness. Aaron wasn't too happy about it. He said he needs to keep coming to school at my preschool even when he turns 5 in May. I told him in August it is not a choice and he will be on the bus with his brothers.

Hoping and praying that full day kindergarten exists this next year.

P.S. Aaron finger update...we applied a product called new skin on his cut because it just wouldn't stop bleeding. Well today the "new skin" as he calls it got torn off when Jared accidentally stepped on the finger! Ouch! You would have thought he had cut it all over again. Lots of screaming and lots of blood! All better now. We have new skin reapplied and have it wrapped in a bandage. Hope this finger heals soon. He will probably have a nice scar when this is finished.

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  1. Sherri- You have 5 hours to enter to win ties for all your boys if you want! Just thought I'd let you know the contest on my blog ends tonight!!