Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tyler's Birthday Party

On Thursday, January 14th Tyler celebrated his 8th Birthday at Peter Piper Pizza with a few friends from Primary. It was a fun time for all the kids. They played games and ate pizza. An easy party! Here is his birthday cake. Of course, I forgot to pre-order the cake so I just picked one up at Costco that day. Tyler had requested a chocolate cake. It was chocolate, but I didn't pay attention to the box and we found that this cake had a strawberry filling. Needless to say it was an interesting combination. I liked it, but it wasn't a favorite. The best part was Joe cut the pieces for everybody and as you will see in the pictures, he cut the biggest pieces of cake ever! They were huge! But it was fun. Tyler wore his birthday hat that he got at school for almost the entire party. This is a picture of him and Justin from his primary class. Justin cleaned up in the games and took home tons of prizes.
Here is most of the group. Starting in the back, Justin, Treagan (from school), Isaac. Then in the front, Taylor A., Molly, Taylor B. & Tyler. Not pictured but at the party was Cassie. Tyler getting ready to blow out the candles. & then the cake carving began!
Austin had a huge piece. Doesn't every 2 year old need a gigantic piece of chocolate cake?
Tyler did his best to eat every bite. Although he didn't like the filling.
I think Aaron's was the biggest. Of course, he only at the frosting!
Logan eyeing his big piece.
I got Jared a "normal" sized piece of cake.
Present time!
Thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate with Tyler. He had a wonderful party.

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