Friday, January 22, 2010

January Cabin Trip

January 16-18th we were able to go up to Grandma & Papa's cabin in Heber/Overgaard. There was a little snow on the ground, at least enough for our boys to play in. It was cold and relaxing to get out of the valley. The boys played outside in the snow and mud as much as they could. Too bad we forgot their snow boots. We spent every evening by the fire drying shoes, hats and gloves. It was a great weekend getaway. The best part, it started to snow on Monday morning. We didn't stay long on Monday for fear of getting snowed in, but it was just enough for our boys.
Here are our boys out in the street. The neighbors had good amounts of snow so they played in their yards. Good thing no one was home! Jared enjoying some snow. Always with the tongue now!
Aaron decided he needed to make a snow angel. Too bad the snow was frozen over. But he kept trying.
Then Tyler got in on the snow angel making.
Having a snowball fight. It was more like an ice fight.

Jacob made a snowman in the back yard. He was so proud. Then he pelted it with snowballs till it was gone.
This is on Monday when it started snowing. We all went out to enjoy the snow. The neighbors came out to see what we were yelling about. I think they thought we were crazy.
Joe in the snow. He forgot his coat! Good thing I didn't forget his hat and gloves. It was cold.
Jared in the street during the snow. It didn't come down too hard and fast, but started to dust everything really well. The real snowfall came later that night.The Family snowball fight. I did my best to stay out of it.
Jared trying to throw some snow.
Aaron loved throwing snow at Dad.

Tyler taking a break in the fight.
Jacob really enjoyed the snowball fight.
Jared and that tongue again.

Tyler takes aim.
Aaron and Jared decided to use the shovels to scrape up the snow.
Great fun! We can't wait to go up again.

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