Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday Night Fever

This last Friday Joe and I planned to go out on a date. Little did we know that our "Date" would start at 3:30 in the afternoon. While I was getting ready for said date, Jared was taking his nap like a good boy and Aaron was watching TV. Or at least I thought he was watching TV. At about 3:25 I heard a machine noise and then Aaron screaming. I ran to the kitchen to find Aaron sitting on the counter top with the base to the blender going and him screaming and holding his left pointer finger.

He had climbed up on the counter and started playing with the blender that I had left out after making a smoothie. Somehow he got his left finger onto the spinning part and it tore from the nail bed to his knuckle. I tried to wash it off in the sink to see what damage had been done, but there was so much blood I thought he would need stitches. I called Joe and he said he would meet me at the Urgent Care. I then called the best babysitter in the world, Jessica, and she came right over.

Jared slept through all the noise, of course. I raced Aaron out to the car to find that it was beginning to hail. As I drove around the corner, Jacob & Tyler had just got off the bus and were running in the hail. I threw them into the car and dropped them off at home to stay with Jessica.

By now Aaron had stopped screaming. I had wrapped his finger in paper towels and he was applying pressure as we drove to Urgent Care. Joe got there the same time I did and we took him in to see what the damage was. Luckily the cut wasn't too deep and he didn't have to get stitches. They taped it up and wrapped it in band aids. Yup, $50 for tape and band aids! I kinda wish they had done a little stitching to help teach him a lesson!

So we brought home our very lucky child. It was 4:30 by now and I was supposed to pick Jessica up at 5 for our date. I took her home and told her I'd be back in a hour to get her. I was still going out!

While I was getting ready for my date, again.... Jared decided he would help and proceeded to grab my very hot curling iron! I was standing right there and took it from him as fast as I could and rushed him to the sink for cold water. I rubbed a tone of alovera on his hand while he screamed at me. I think by then I was screaming too! Luckily his hand did not blister. He had a couple of red marks on his thumb and finger, but no other marks!

So Joe and I eventually got out on our date. Had a great dinner at Costa Vida, didn't get to see a movie because everything was sold out, but enjoyed spending a little time together without any children trying to harm themselves around us! Sadly we were home by 9:30 just because we were both so tired from the days events.

Hopefully our next "Date night" will go more smoothly.

P.S. Aaron won't let me take pictures of his finger because there is still blood coming, as he tells me. I asked him if we can take a picture once the blood stops coming and he said yes. So, if I get the picture I'll add it to the post later.

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