Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving this year was celebrated with my family at my sister Christine's house. Everyone was there. My parents along with my older brother, Galen and his wife Julia, along with Julia's sons Sheldon and Galen's four kids, Austin, Trevor, Dallin & Haleigh. Julia's parents also joined us for dinner. My younger brother Doyle, his wife Jody and their 2 kids, Allie & Ryan. Christine's family including husband Sean, kids: Garrett, Tatum & Dusty. And the youngest, Denise with her husband Cole and their kids, Addison, Lincoln & Linden. With my 6 the total came to 25. Christine's back yard was the perfect size.
Like every year I tried to take a few family pictures in preparation for Christmas. This was our "funny" shot. I think we could take 100 pictures and still not get great ones. So this will have to do for now. I'll see if one of the others makes the cut for our Christmas card. The kids enjoyed the trampoline, playground set and sand box before and after the meal.
Trying to make everything fit on around the buffet table.
Grandpa carving the roasted turkey.
Sean carving the smoked turkey.
Christine, Julia's Mom and Denise arranging and rearranging the table.
One of the kids' table.
It was a nice afternoon with family. The weather was cool but sunny.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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