Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baseball Season 2010

Baseball season is in full swing at the Macdonald home. It has been really crazy chasing from one side of town to the other for Jacob and Tyler's games. They are in different leagues this year and it has given us a taste of the future. Many nights the boys have had games at the same time but in totally different areas of town. Dinner time has gone out the window this season. And I can say we have eaten more take out than we usually do. But the boys are having a great time and that's all that counts. Here are a few pictures taken at their games. For some reason I've been having a hard time remembering to bring my camera to the games. So this will probably be it for this season.
Aaron loves attending the games. This is one rare picture of Aaron sitting, watching the game. At Tyler's games there are ponds and ducks to watch, much more interesting than Coach Pitch Baseball. And at Jacob's game there are tons of kids just his size to play with.
Tyler warming up. He plays his games at Discovery Park in Gilbert. It is located behind the San Tan Mall Costco.
He looks like an excited 3rd baseman here!Got to hit that ball. Tyler has done really well in batting this year.
I love this picture!
Tyler and Jared waiting for Jacob's game to start.
Jacob looks big in this picture, but really he is one of the smaller boys on the team. He plays kid pitch 10-12 year olds. Jacob's games are at the McQueen Park on McQueen and Guadalupe area. Complete other side of Gilbert from Tyler.
Luckily I remembered my camera on a night he was pitching. He did great. Struck out 2 batters and then they fielded the last out to first.
So serious. It looks like he is waiting for the catchers signal.
I know this isn't a great picture, but he got a hit here.
They each have 2 weeks of games left.
Between their games each week and Joe & I playing co-ed softball on Monday nights, we are busy, busy, busy. It has been fun watching our boys learn the sport as well as getting to play a little ball ourselves. I can't imagine what we will do when all 4 of our boys are playing sports.

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