Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aaron's great dental visit

Aaron had to go to the dentist today to hae 3 cavities filled. I was a little afraid of how he was going to react, but he did really well. The last time he went to the dentist for work he had a crown and baby root canal and he told me he never wanted to do that again. I thought for sure he would hide and not want anything to do with the dentist. He did great though. Aaron quick talking as soon as we got into the treatment room, which is a sign of his nervousness. Aaron loves to talk! And he was a trooper through the entire treatment. I have to say, the people at his dental office are awesome. We go to Sweet Tooth Pediatric, and although it cost me an arm and a leg, it is totally worth it. The good news is we are changing insurance and the new plan covers the costs at that dentist. Anyways, Aaron didn't move once while getting his cavities filled. They numbed the entire lower jaw and lip. It was funny when he got done because he wouldn't shut his mouth and he drooling all the way down himself. I gave him a napkin to wipe the drool, which meant Jared had to have one too. By the way, I took Jared with me to the appointment and he did great too. Well, needless to say, Aaron fell asleep on the way home. I guess the nitress affects him like it would me. I put him on the couch thinking he would be up in a little while wanting lunch, but he slept for almost 3 hours! It was a nice break. Jared went down for his nap at 1:30 and I snuck in a quick 1 hour nap before Aaron woke me up. The best part is when I was getting him something to eat at 3:00 in the afternoon, and asking him how his lip was feeling, he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked him if he remembered going to the dentist and he said, "yes". So I asked him if he remembered falling asleep in the car and me moving him to the couch for a nap and he said, "I didn't take a nap!" He completely lost the entire afternoon and has no idea! The problem is he probably won't go to sleep tonight at bedtime. As it is, he has been talking no stop since he got up! But I'll deal with it, his lip is totally back to normal and he didn't have to go through feeling it wake up. All around a great experience at the dentist...Yeah! I can't wait until the insurance kicks in so that I feel as good about paying my bill after my boys appointments.

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  1. I love Sweet Tooth! Carson went there the other day for his dental emergency! Great place for kids:-) Too funny that Aaron can't remember his afternoon!