Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Round 1: Mom 0...Jared 1

Round 1 of night time sleeping in the big boy bed and Jared outlasted Mom. He went into the bed easily, but 45 mins later he was still up playing. Aaron was sound asleep while Jared jumped and laughed and played. So at 9:30 I put him in his crib. He didn't mind. He helped me put his pillow and blanket in the crib. He layed down and went to sleep. So round 1 goes to Jared. We will try again at nap time and see if we can get him more used to sleeping in the big bed.

P.S. My youngest sister Denise had her baby last night at 12:14am. It's a girl. That means for my parents there are 11 boys and 5 girls, grandchildren that is.

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