Monday, October 26, 2009

And let the head shaving begin...

This past weekend Joe's school had their Carnival. At the Carnival, students bought raffle tickets for a chance to give the Principal a haircut. Today they had a special assembly to fulfill that opportunity. 5 students all took turns shaving off Joe's hair. Here is the before picture. He is in the chair and ready to go. With the first cut, the students began to cheer..."Shave him bald!" It became the chant throughout the entire process.
We call this his "Chargers helmet". He had matching stripes down both sides of his head.

Then they started back up the middle!

I love this haircut! I told the office staff that they should have stopped here and left it like that for his 4:00 meeting at the District. But they continued on.
Almost there!
Now he looks like an old man with male pattern baldness!

Don't gets worse before it gets better. The students chanting go louder and louder as more hair came off.

Just about done.

And the final product! The good thing is his hair grows really fast.

So Cute! The things my hubby will do for his school.

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  1. Hi, Sherri! What a great sport he is! Love the pictures!