Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

I cannot believe that Jacob is 10! His birthday isn't officially until Saturday, but we celebrated his party on Thurs due to October Break starting this weekend and we thought he'd have a better turn out. He chose to go to Peter Piper Pizza for his party. This is good and bad. Good...I didn't have to clean the house, make up games and entertain 5-8 10 year old boys. Bad...yikes 10 year old boys eat a lot of pizza and go through the game tokens fast! But they had a great time. My parents were able to come and my friend Heidi stayed to visit through the party. Happy Birthday Jacob! He told me that he wanted a Marble cake. Then when he got home from school he said he wanted a chocolate chocolate cake. In the end, he was happy he even got a cake. I was lazy this year and just picked one up at Bashas. Birthday cake was the last thing on my mind right now.
Here is the majority of our table watching Jacob open his presents. They don't look like a lively bunch...but looks can be deceiving!

The motley crew! Of course, brothers had to get in on the picture. Aaron kept running around the group trying to find a place where he could put up bunny ears. That boy is crazy. We are so lucky Jacob has good friends/boys in the ward and school. All these boys were polite and fun.

The birthday cake, pre-candles.
I am planning on adding baby pictures of Jacob, we will see if I can get around to it this weekend. I am so proud of Jacob. He is a bright and helpful boy. He is my oldest and is naturally becoming the leader of our pack of boys. He loves Legos and anything associated with the military. I love my boy! Happy Birthday!

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