Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jacob earned his Bear Award

Jacob earned his Bear award last night at Pack Meeting. Now these are not the best pictures of myself and Joe, but they are great of Jacob and its all about him anyways. Jacob had to put his hand in the Bear trap to retrieve a bead. The trap contained mashed potatoes, soggy pretzels and raisins! My doing, of course. You could smell the mashed potatoes, and they were cold from being in the fridge.

The pictures are not in the correct order, so start at the bottom and work your way up for the correct order.

For some reason, he couldn't find the beads. I had just layed them on top of the potatoes, but when he put his hand in, he pushed them further in too.

We are so proud of Jacob. He loves Cub Scouts. I think it's the uniform.

We have been so lucky to serve in the Cub Scouts. Not only because it is fun. But because our boys love it. Tyler will join this upcoming January and cannot wait.

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