Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Hot Air Balloon Adventure Begins!

Our adventure began at 4:30am. Thanks to Jessica for coming over so early. We met up with the Adventures Out West Balloon company at the corner of Cave Creek and Tatum Blvd in the Safeway parking lot. This is the van they took us around in. Our group consisted of Joe and Me, another couple from the Chandler area, our Captain John & 2 crewmen. It was fun to watch them lay the balloons out and unroll them. They worked quickly at it too.
First they inflate the balloon with a large fan. Once the balloon is inflated they will turn on the burners to add the hot air that will lift the balloon up.
One crew member held the bottom open to let the air flow in, while the other straightened the cords and ropes as the balloon filled up.
I thought this would take a while, but it was only about 15 mins before they were ready to go.


  1. Sheri that looks so fun! I am so glad that it worked out for you guys this time. What an experience!

  2. Sherri!Those are some seriously gorgeous pictures!! What prompted you guys to go up?
    (PS- if you want to, I can show you how to upload more than 5 pictures per post...)