Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Ride Pictures

We lived! This is just after we touched down. We were given 2 options for landing. Option #1: 5 mph wind = soft landing, small bump a little slide and we stay upright in the basket.
Option #2: faster than 5 mph winds = slight bump, pick up and another bump, slide then tip over in our basket. We were told to brace ourselves by putting our backsides against the basket then pushing with our feet on the opposite side of the basket. As you can see from the picture below, we skid hopped then skid again before tipping over. It was fun! Not scary at all.
This is a coyote that wandered over after we landed to check out what was going on. We also saw quail and cottontail rabbits. Later as we were driving out we saw another coyote that was really big and running. It was amazing.
These are the certificates they gave us for completing the ride. It certifies us as "aquanauts". It tells the story of rising to the heavens and safely returning to Mother Earth. We toasted with OJ (the other couple had champagne in their oj) to celebrate our safe journey. I was given the cork from the champagne that our captain made into a hot air balloon. (pictured last with my certificate) We also were each given a patch of a hot air balloon.

This has been the coolest thing I have ever experienced. It was beautiful and amazing. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I encourage anyone who can should go on a Hot Air Balloon ride. Soooo Fun!!

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