Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is an air plane that was flying below us. I zoomed in on it, but you can see how small the road is below.The lake pictured is Lake Pleasant. The other balloons that went up when we did flew closer to the lake. This is one time we were higher up than the yellow balloon. It was breath taking.

Looking out east toward the sunrise. The clouds were so beautiful. I took many pictures of the landscape below us, so if you want to see more, come on over and I'll show you tons.

As we were getting closer to landing I spied our shadow on the ground. We were still a few hundred feet off the ground, but it seems much closer.

The other couple on our ride took this picture of us before we got ready to land. We were still pretty high up, but it looks like we are not. The bushes below us looked small, but in reality they were taller than us.

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